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The stories

Femi Fadugba

In a Martian courtroom, a man stands trial for destroying the Computer, trusted to navigate humanity's future. As his lawyer questions the very nature of entropy, the defendant shares a story of faith and hope. Can entropy be defied?

Naomi Alderman

Natalie still enjoys brewing her own coffee, though a robot could do it for her. Her husband Gad left her antique coffee pot in the sink — a small irritation. But this gets Natalie thinking about the child they might conceive. When everything is predictably automated, the questions of being human don't get easier. 

Ian McEwan

In the future, nature and technology have found harmony. How did we get there? With his young companion, 150 year-old man reflects on his generation's struggles. He wonders: how long could this peace last? Will we remember the lessons from the 21st century?

Jeanette Winterson

Our narrator finds solace on their private island, away from the commercial chaos of the rest of the metaverse. But when they encounter a sentient program, they begin to question the boundaries between human and machine intelligence.

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